We find ourselves

in Tuscany, next to sources of Marecchia river. Each year  we go back to the Middle Ages and the Abbey of Sant’Angelo Michele de Tedaldi  gives life to  black monks, torch-light processions, historical retinues and banquets. Living the “Palio dei Castelli della Badia Tedalda”  means going back to our remoter past, which is the moment  when our deepest historical traditions become true. This reality lives inside each of us, being part of our genetic patrimony.

Between medieval songs, settings and foods, black monks of Saint Benedict, guided by their Abbot, give life to the glorious and ancient Abbey of Sant’Angelo Michele de Tedaldi, involving the enthusiastic  participants in a highly evocative path   where liturgical torch-light processions and solemn celebrations alternate  to high masses and banquets, after which the Palio dei Castelli of Badia Tedalda takes place. This typical equestrian tournement is held by the most able Knights of the Castles of Badia Tedalda with launches and rings, competing for the prestigious Cloth and the Double-Crossed Plate of  S.Angelo Michele. The Palio is therefore a magic historical commemoration of the past, where the present County Town and villages no longer exist, but only the past Abbey and its subject Castles; the Abbot, using his privilege of jus sanguinis, authenticates the documents by St. Christopher’s seal and shows off his own standard, with two red crosses on white field, besides he announces an equestrian tournement or entrusts an important work commission.

The long torch-light

 procession up to the Slope to the Castle, Gregorian chants of Benedictine monks, S.Michele Archangelo Church illuminated with candles like thousand years ago, the ancient inns, foods, libations and musics, within the scenery of the medieval village illuminated by torches, recreate an ancient atmosphere and therefore provoking an apotheosis of unforgettable emotions. This is the Palio dei Castelli: a full immersion in our monastic past life, which takes place every year at Badia Tedalda in the province of Arezzo on the third weekend of August.

 the Palio dei Castelli is managed by the homonymous Association, constituted under a notorial deed and detailed inner charter in March 1998, finalised to organize and guarantee the yearly development of this event. This Association is mainly composed by young people, lovers of the history, who have succeeded in involving into such event all their pride, engagement and ehtusiasm of the entire local community.The knights participating are ten and compete individually.The departure order is drawn through lots

Spot Sisley
Sept 3, 2011The figures of the Palio, protagonists of Sisley for Christmas 2011. E 'was filmed here in Badia Tedalda viral spot for the event SISLEY of Christmas 2011 where Nanetti Red Ruby are seen first by a few participants of the parade of the Palio dei Castelli.

The Castle Winner
Aug 19, 2012 After the last victory occurred in 1994, the Castle of Rofelle won his second Palio. The Lady and the Mayor "Polverone" celebrate together with Alessandro Cavaliere Ugolini, the horse TORO and all the people rofellano. Castle Rofelle, as tradition for every castle winner will be accused of promoting a party at his castle to continue dancing and mangiari them in the next regions after win

Aug 20, 2013 The contest is finished the play-offs between the Castle of Cicognaja represented by Charles Pilotti on Apollo and the Castle of Pratieghi with the knight of Santiago Zerboni Guaro who had the best winning this edition, the eighteenth, the Palio dei Castelli della Badia Tedalda